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The Dental Fear Factor

by | Jun 20, 2018 | News

Whether it’s the needles, the noise, the fear of pain, bad past experiences or all of the above we know the dentist’s chair is probably NOT your favorite place to be. We know this because people tell us everyday. “Nothing personal, I like you guys but I hate being here.” Well, we here at Dr. Lee’s office like you too and we want to make things as easy and comfortable as possible when you visit us. So, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind if you feel yourself getting anxious before your next appointment.

Communication- Share your concerns and specific fears with your dental team so they can plan a treatment approach that will best address your needs.

Education- Learning more about an upcoming procedure may help put your mind at ease by removing the ‘fear of the unknown’. Also, keep in mind many procedures are improved and relatively pain free now.

Good Oral Hygiene- Great brushing and flossing habits will prevent cavities and gingivitis which will greatly reduce the chances you will need fillings or other dental work. Visiting your dentist twice a year for checkups will also help the doctor catch problems before they grow.

Distractions- Taking your mind off your worries by giving yourself something else to focus on can really help you make it through a stressful appointment. We have televisions in all our treatment rooms so you can watch your favorite show or movie during your appointment. Music and podcasts can also be very effective.

We know the dentist office may never be somewhere you look forward to visiting but remember the longer you stay away the scarier it gets and the greater the chance that problems might snowball. So why not make an appointment with us today and let our friendly and knowledgeable dental staff help you have the best dental experience possible!

-Contributed by: Leah Mittlesteadt

Every patient should have a great dental experience!


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